Aarambh – A Unique Fashion Show

VYOM organized Aarambh a fashion show brought together special category people in the city of Vadodara.432 auditioned and 40 were finally selected an event that was an eye opener as it celebrated the spirit of the people facing different disabilities. The vision for Aarambh was to share the motivational positive life of differently able to common people & awareness to accept them in mainstreaming, to build awareness about accessibility for physically challenged and adoptive infrastructure within the city and bring them in main stream for sustainability thru employment.

VYOM wants to create a space by providing differently able an opportunity to Equality and Inclusion and create a niche for them and walk with their heads held high. The Fashion show was an initiative, conceived for those whose vision runs beyond the skin, who find beauty in humble smiles, shaky walks & blank towards sound. It’s an initiative to discover talent beyond intelligence of an individual in the field of fashion & clothing.

The fashion show was an innovative Fashion Show, first‐of‐its‐kind in Vadodara with following features:

  • 40 Designers got an opportunity to sensitize the common people for issues faced by the differently able through their designer assessable clothesline.
  • Created a space for models by providing them an opportunity to Equality and Inclusion and create a niche for them and walk with their heads held high.
  • It grasped people’s attention and spotlight not because of their wheelchairs, canes or hearing impairdness but because of their determination.
  • 40 participants with various disability such as hearing impaired, intellectually challenged, physically challenged and cerebral palsy, Arm Amputee individuals participated.
  • The last segment was the celebrity walk that had 10 differently able participants who have created a niche for themselves on national level by bringing laurels to Gujarat.
  • AARAMBH created a miracle of determination & courage to give imbibe thoughts of self respect and pride in the minds of the disabled. The show had constant standing ovations and cheers from more than 2000 viewers.
  • This Event was supported by various donors some of them were Koshambh Multitier Pvt. Ltd, United Way of Baroda, ONGC, Hingorani Foundation, Madhu Copy Center etc.

This show also sensitized people on accessibility and inclusion in the city commoners were made aware why many of Vadodara disabled community remain confined to their homes; as any attempt on their part to travel or enter buildings, parks, bus, Malls, theaters shops etc. can be unsafe and humiliating. The Fashion Show was an eye opener people knew now it’s time for action.

We need the common man to be aware about the following and help in making Vadodara a barrier free city. The accessibility committee that has been formed will now work on

  • To create public awareness about the problems and potential of the persons who are differently able.
  • To equip the city with requisite Infrastructure so as to make the city assessable. Space that allows for free and safe movement and function,
  • To promote respect towards those who are disabled and make them more acceptable in the society by changing people’s conservative and apathetic mindsets.
  • To increase awareness among citizens and to end their narrow mindedness so as to accept the disabled as an integral part of the society Further we would plan to empower 50 Physically Challenged of Vadodara by training and empowering them in Skill training , stitching , product designing , Multitasking and finding Linkages with Job work & Product range of readymade Garments. AARAMBH supports & believes that disabilities should not be a hindrance & makes a bold fashion statement of thinking beyond boundaries.