Project Khushi

“If you educate a man, you educate an Individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation” -James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey

Sadly, in cultures like ours, where a girl’s social status is lower, her education is seen as less valuable. We at VYOM want to change this by giving girls access to the classroom and helping them to stay there – something Project Khushi (our Girl Sponsorship project) is proven to do. Educating girls is one of the most effective strategies to combat child marriage because when a girl stays in school, she is less likely to marry young.

VYOM supports education for girls in Narikot, Dhandhuka & Koth, which is are parts of tribal areas in Gujarat.

Most of the villages that we work with are situated in the remote areas with a predominantly tribal population. Majority of the residents are from Scheduled Tribes known as Rathwas and Nayakas and another Backward Class (OBC) called Baria.

Major Concerns VYOM is trying to tackle :

» Low Literacy Level
» Poverty
» Early marriage and divorce
» Malnutrition
» Gender concerns and Superstitious Beliefs
» Women and Related Health Problems

With these major issues in mind, VYOM commenced the education sponsorship programme in the third year of its establishment. You can make a difference by helping us help them. With the help of our sponsors, Project Khushi has resulted in:

» Better health and education among girls of Narikot & Dhandhuka & Koth.
» Fewer maternal deaths and reductions in the mortality rate.
» Delayed marriage and better parenting skills.
» Improved Literacy and general awareness leading to greater economic opportunities.
» More skills and knowledge enhancing women’s self-esteem and the well being of families.

Sponsor A Girl and Change Her World.

Project Khushi :

» Nurtures a unique bond between the girl child and her sponsor
» Helps sponsors understand VYOM and its endeavours
» Fosters a meaningful relationship through letters and other correspondence across human boundaries.

A small amount of money will make a big difference in a child’s life. To be a part of Project Khushi and share your happiness and fortune with someone in need, Donate Now

The money you contribute will help underprivileged girls :

» Receive adequate food and a balanced diet for healthy growth
» Water and sanitation, a basic right we take for granted
» Healthcare, so girls don’t die from preventable diseases
» Education, so girls and boys have equal access to higher studies and Jobs

Accountability :

VYOM is committed to displaying transparency to measure the effectiveness of work and demonstrate to donors the usage of their funds and how it makes a change in a creating brighter future. The Scholarships provide girls with the finance they require to gain skills and knowledge, and the confidence to take care of oneself.

“I went to visit my sponsored girl, it was by far the most amazing experience I have ever had. The donation by sponsors is supporting many amazing projects that benefit both sponsored girls and the girls in their community. It makes more of a change than you can even imagine!”