VYOM volunteers are like you  – people who want to make an impact in the community and contribute to the lives of the people. A VYOM volunteer brings people together through encouraging community involvement, raising awareness about community issues, explaining government policies and gathering feedback, as well as helping those in need.

An important role played by VYOM volunteers is to build strong community ties within the community. You may offer your services depending on your interest. There is a wide variety of programmes that you could help in organizing, ranging from educational and enrichment courses, outings and tours, performances. Through volunteering, residents of all races, ages, and social background are brought together in promotion of social cohesion, harmony and national resilience.

When you join us as a volunteer, you not only contribute to bridging communities but also become part of a strong network of friends and neighbours who help each other in times of need, and who enrich the lives of others.

Volunteers can choose from a list of options in which they would like to help our organisation according to their interest and capabiliti

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