The scourge of drug addiction has been spreading like wildfire among the youth population and we need to come up with strategies that can be implemented at the grassroot level to eradicate the problem. VYOM’s interventions in this sector helps in making people aware of the problems caused by addiction and channelise their energies towards personal and economic growth. We apply self-help techniques through our talks and sessions that have proved to be quite useful in the treatment of different types of addictions. Taking this initiative forward, the organisation puts up street play in the villages of Umarva and Pavlepur on the harmful effects of addiction on people and sensitize people on deaddiction. They focussed on the harmful effects of drugs on the body, disruption of relationships in the family, setting a bad example for the future generation as well as environmental issues due to pollution due to smoking. The skit although used humor, could very well convey the required message to the villagers