Rural healthcare in most states suffers due to the absence of doctors and paramedical staff, low levels of skills among health workers, shortage of medicines and inadequate monitoring. VYOM actively seeks to improve the health and happiness of people in communities where they operate. Under VYOM’s initiative, several health camps are organised on a regular basis in rural and urban villages in Jambughoda and Waghodia districts to develop a healthy community. We prioritize health education and sensitize communities on various preventive and promotive health care issues including nutrition, hygiene, mother and child care, prenatal and postnatal care. VYOM understands the importance and the urgency to spread health care awareness and wishes to continue to conduct more camps so that more people can be sensitized and cured. VYOM works for the needy people and cannot afford to see their beneficiaries suffer due to unaffordability and negligence.

Toy Room

Our Toy Rooms have recycled toys & new toys for underprivileged kids in the hospitals. This Toy room in hospitals also recycles smiles. These toys are obtained from toy donation drives in schools, the volunteers matches each toy with the age, gender and intellectual capacity of a child before presenting them with their hospital playmate.

We started the toy room in 2005

Joy of Giving

One of our core principles is spreading happiness and smiles among our beneficiaries and along these lines, our toy rooms not only make children happy but also put the parents at ease. The children feel happy seeing so many toys that they get to play with. Moreover, with the help of our volunteers, we have painted the walls of the pediatric

Dental Camps

Our main aim for our interventions remains strong and that is high end dental healthcare to people. We clinically check each and every individual for dental diseases and children are especially checked for cavities and advised on how to take care of their teeth. Sessions are taken with men and women where they are sensitized on the harmful effects of tobacco

Health Checkups

VYOM identifies the root causes that concern healthcare VYOM has designed initiative that works at the individual, community and systemic levels to develop innovative solutions and help implement quality healthcare services. VYOM organizes General Medical Camp under in collaboration with various medical institutions. VYOM provides free specific and general health check-ups with follow ups and further refers for long term specific

Mobile Clinics

Many people are deprived of consistent, modern health care because of their location; they can be miles away from a hospital or clinic. A well equipped and well designed mobile unit can deliver medical services on a regularly scheduled basis that people can depend on.

Poicha & nearby villages in Vadodara are some of such places which