Infrastructure Development2021-01-19T16:57:16+05:30


In many of the villages, the provision of reliable and effective infrastructure remains a major challenge. Infrastructure assets such as rural roads, irrigation schemes, water supplies, schools, electrification, fuel, connectivity, health centres conditions are needed in rural areas for the local population to fulfil their basic needs and live a social and economic productive life. VYOM has just begun its contribution in the field of rural infrastructure development and has been active in developing and demonstrating strategies and tools and has gained extensive experience in formulating and implementing rural infrastructure programmes.
Studies done by VYOM also found that lack of basic amenities has wider impact over working conditions. The social life and living conditions in rural areas and its change process are directly linked to availability of basic amenities.

The strategies for the effective and sustainable provision of infrastructure in rural areas using local resource-based approaches proves beneficial to people. Basic amenities are essential foundation for a decent living and it enhances economic growth and quality of life. There are non-negotiable conditions for living and we at VYOM believe in development substantial intervention.

Few major inputs in infrastructure development in villages are:

  • Solar street lights
  • Building HSL units
  • Bio Waste management
  • Drainage system
  • Constructing Community Halls
  • Farmer Training and Development Sessions
  • Building Balwadis
  • Land Levelling