Many people are deprived of consistent, modern health care because of their location; they can be miles away from a hospital or clinic. A well equipped and well designed mobile unit can deliver medical services on a regularly scheduled basis that people can depend on.

Poicha & nearby villages in Vadodara are some of such places which lack basic health services. The mobile clinic has allowed us to overcome many common barriers to healthcare access cited by patients, such as lack of time, limited transportation options and a feeling of medical ‘homelessness’ related to inconsistent medical care. Considering the size of the population, who cannot afford medical treatment; our service is only a drop in the ocean. We wish to provide members of all nearby villages with access to primary care. The mobile health clinic provides accessible, culturally- sensitive health care in a non-traditional clinic setting.

It includes services such as comprehensive primary care to rural populations, pregnant woman and the elderly. It also provides specific health services such as Dental health care and Immunizations. The Mobile van also conducts screenings such as Asthma screenings, hearing and vision screenings, mental illness screenings, and other screenings such as that of skin diseases, blood pressure and diabetes. It also provides Health and preventional education.

Our Objective :

  1. To provide mobile health care services in villages where basic access to health care service is lacking.
  2. To ensure curative healthcare: To prescribe and dispense medicines on the spot for the common ailments and referral to hospital for other cases.
  3. To educate and build health awareness: To raise awareness about preventive health care issues including family planning, communicable and other diseases.
  4. To integrate patients into existing social services and health care systems through referrals.
  5. To provide free episodic care at a time and place chosen to best serve our target population.