We are deeply committed to holistic development of village schools. VYOM promotes the awareness and practice of good corporate citizenship. We incorporated our agenda of designing and implementing educational and healthcare improvement programs. VYOM caters to underprivileged children and has a good track record in developing required infrastructure to meet their needs.

VYOM organised specific projects to enhance the school system which involved teachers training, plantation programme and soft skills. Teachers are given adequate training to get themselves equipped with various methodologies for teaching students which would help prevent failure and would enable the teachers to set benchmarks to achieve the required results out of students. The organisation identified specific infrastructure needs of the school and creates the following specific amenities that impacted the education system positively.

  • Fencing or compound wall keeping security and safety of the students in mind
  • Covering the open water storage-tank & renovation of the stage
  • Utilizing space and accordingly by redesigning a room for proper storage of school records
  • Creating a recreational room for students within the school.
  • Facilitating a library and a laboratory.
  • Repairing of girls toilets and construction of toilets in schools.
  • Colouring of schools.
  • Creating and constructing mid-day meal initiatives