Self help groups in today’s era play a vital role in poverty alleviation in rural India. Under VYOM, a growing number of women in the rural areas are part of the self help groups (SHGs) who engage in activities that deal with savings and credit as well as in other activities like income generation, resource management and has proven to be relevant and effective in offering the women the possibility to break away from isolation and exploitation. VYOM believes that self help supplemented with mutual help can be a powerful vehicle for the women in their socio-economic development. VYOM organised en exposure trip for these women where along with our volunteers to successful SHG groups. Several sessions on the concept of SHGs were taken where women learnt how a SHG is formed on specific rules and regulations, the overall concept, its functioning, lending loans and community development. VYOM believes that formations of SHGs builds a relationship of mutual trust among these women. VYOM believes that SHGs are an instrument of change for the conditions of women socially and economically. Self-help groups provide economic benefits to the women by providing income generating activities.Women’s income translates more directly into family well being. VYOM works for a cause that enables self-help groups improve the equality status of women as decision-makers. We feel that SHGs have been a grand success in bringing out rapid and positive changes in the lives of women and in paving a concrete path for their overall development.