Our Toy Rooms have recycled toys & new toys for underprivileged kids in the hospitals. This Toy room in hospitals also recycles smiles. These toys are obtained from toy donation drives in schools, the volunteers matches each toy with the age, gender and intellectual capacity of a child before presenting them with their hospital playmate.

We started the toy room in 2005 after we saw the plight and misery of disadvantaged children and their gloominess in hospitals. The toy room bridges this gap and bring these children closer to their desired objects of fun and learning. VYOM also works with slums , anganwadis , rural schools and Municipal schools . So you can do your bit by donating your old toys. They will be recycled and repackaged, and then given out to the needy kids. The toy room also adopts the paediatric wards by setting up furniture, painting the walls etc and it also takes social sessions with mothers and kids. It tries to ensure that appropriate toys, like musical toys, light and sound toys, and ones with different textures are sent to children who are differently-abled so that these can be used in therapy as well as education.
The centres receive toys from all across the Vadodara. Thereafter they are inspected, cleaned and recycled and dispatched to toy rooms where most of the toys are gender neutral. Till date, the NGO has contributed to improving the lives of more than 90 thousand children.