A healthy world begins with a healthy woman. Women who are key to maintaining healthy families, access healthcare most of the times. Today, the life of women in the developing world is a vicious cycle of inferior status by virtue of poverty and deprivation, with no access to the resources of a balanced diet, health care and education. Our interventions in the health and wellness sector improve the quality of healthcare services for women. We conduct a variety of sessions with women where topics range from freely talking about concerns about their own body and sensitizing them about issues that women health deals with. Sessions also involve talking about childbirth, child rearing and problems like thyroid and PCOD. Health camps for women have gynecologists from medical institutions that treat them according to their issues. The doctors equip the women with enough information about their problems before providing them with medicines free of cost. There has never been more at stake for women’s health and with that VYOM believes that women’s health needs to be at the centre of our vision when it comes to the healthcare sector.