Our interventions with physically challenged individuals lead us to organize a fashion show with an objective of bringing accessibility in clothing & design. The fashion show the first in it kind brought together designers and physically challenged on a same platform. During audition of fashion show the team of VYOM has explored and interacted with 400 plus physically challenged individuals. The outcome of the same was as follows.

  • Physically challenged individuals lack opportunity for employment due to low skills & accessibility issues.
  • Many individuals need specific training to compete in the existing market
  • Low self esteem has been found among physically challenged individual
  • There is a need for accessible clothing for the disabled community
  • Being disabled should not be a reason for anyone to be excluded from getting professional help.

Hence the stitching unit for disability ensure human rights of the disabled individuals by providing them with opportunities to rise up with confidence and self respect. Thus the enrollment into our productive rehabilitation process develops their talent through vocational training and consequently integrate them into society. This training is a huge help. In many cases, this is the first step in providing them with proper education and improved chances of employment. The designed course is tailored specifically for the needs of the differently abled , these vocational training is a big help in dealing with no employment poverty and lower self esteem. It helps them and provides a stepping stone towards a stable life.
We at VYOM strongly believe that imparting training will help people with disabilities work readiness and independent living in the community through employment. The ultimate aim of our education and training would be gainful employment bearing in mind their limited abilities.
Impact of Aarambh is:

  • Long term growth and sustainable social and economic progress.
  • Has built individual and collective capacities of beneficiaries
  • Aarambh as a unit has become self sustaining and self reliance.
  • It has given an opportunity to enhance and refine existing skills for present and future market trends.
  • It has also developed their personality and enhanced confidence and brought out their creativity.