One of our core principles is spreading happiness and smiles among our beneficiaries and along these lines, our toy rooms not only make children happy but also put the parents at ease. The children feel happy seeing so many toys that they get to play with. Moreover, with the help of our volunteers, we have painted the walls of the pediatric wards with not only fun loving cartoons but also have relayed informational messages with the help of these paintings. Not only have these paintings brightened the overall atmosphere of the hospital, but they also help the children feel less sad and depressing during their stay at the hospital.

Our volunteers have also conducted various distribution events at the hospital, like toy, stationery, sweaters distribution and food distribution. The volunteers also spend time with the kids and their parents by interacting with them. They play games, take various sessions related to general health and hygiene and also care for the kids when their parents take time out to rest from the constant care of their children.